Um pouco mais de crise e gastos do governo…

Um breve comentário de Jeffrey Sachs sobre a crise, mais especificamente, sobre gastos governamentais e suas, digamos possíveis, consequências:

“Stimulus packages are controversial, because they increase budget deficits, and thus imply the need to cut spending or raise taxes sometime in the near future. The question is whether they successfully boost output and jobs in the short term, and, if so, whether they do enough to compensate for the inevitable budget problems down the road.

The true effectiveness of these packages is not clear. Suppose that the government gives a tax cut in order to increase consumers’ take-home pay. If consumers expect that their taxes will rise in the future, they may decide to save the tax cut rather than boost consumption. In that case, the stimulus will have little positive effect on household spending, but will worsen the budget deficit.”

Mais uma vez, mesmo considerando pequeno o efeito dos gastos, eis a necessidade de estudos acerca dos multiplicadores:

“In short, the US stimulus effects on spending have probably been positive but small, and without a decisive effect on the economy…”


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